Enjoy your morning walk by the river, a few minutes from the house, where you can take a refreshing dive or just relax in the shore.
At these beaches you’ll also find small cafes where you can get a drink or grab a snack.

A visit to one of the many Xisto (pronounced shis-too) villages in the area, is a visit back in time. Clinging to a mountainside or resting on a river bank, they all have their own character thanks to the Schist houses, the alive traditions and the many festivities throughout the year.

Rising scenically from the Rio Mondego, Coimbra is an animated city steeped in history. It was Portugal’s medieval capital for more than a century and it is home to the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. Its steeply-stacked historic center dates to Moorish times and is wonderfully atmospheric with its dark cobbled lanes and monumental cathedral. On summer evenings, the city’s old stone walls reverberate with the haunting metallic notes of the guitarra (Portuguese guitar) and the full, deep voices of fado singers.

The area around Casa Carvalhal is alive with celebrations of sport all year round. Races of all types abound; from downhill running to car rallies to off-road Jeep and motorcycle competitions. In August of each year, our community hosts a massive motorcycle rally: The Góis Motorcycle Concentration – famously known as the second-largest concentrations of bikes in all of Portugal. And you can be part of it all when you stay with us at Casa Carvalhal.

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