We are always there for you. Just press the doorbell and we’ll get there. 
The doorbell is connected to our mobile phone. 
Or call us on +351968029901

You have a ceiling light and mirror light.

The switches can be found on the outside of the bathroom door.

To be able to use the mirror light, turn on the outside switch so that the blue light at the bottom of the mirror lights up.
Then you can activate the light from the mirror by touching the blue light.
By long pressing the blue light, the light will dim/amplify.

The bed is equipped with 2 types of pillows. A soft (top) and a harder (bottom).
Still not the pillow you like. Let us know, we have other types of pillows available.

The decorative cushions and runner are for decoration only.
We appreciate it when you remove them before using the bed.

Would you like an extra blanket? Ask us.

The bedside lights work with a sensor. Just wave under the light (max. 7cm below the light) to turn the light on/off.

Because there are several restaurants nearby, we do not provide dinner.
The kitchen is private and not accessible to the guests.
However, if you need anything from the kitchen, just ask.

You can do full locking by moving the latch up, both on the inside and outside.
For your information and security: we can ALWAYS open the door.

The tap water is perfectly drinkable. It comes from the mountains and has a very low lime and mineral content.  A slight chlorine smell is normal as the water is disinfected.  Leave the water for half an hour, the smell disappears and you have perfectly pure water.
If you prefer mineral water, then you can fill the glass bottle with water from the water fountain in the main hall.

112 is the international European emergency number which also applies here.
+351235770160 is the number of the local GNR (Guarda Nacional Rupublicana) – Police
+351235770180 is the number of the local Centro de Saude – health center

You can use the tap water without any problems.
Please avoid the use of mineral spring water in the machine, to avoid lime scale.

  • Click out the water tank by pulling it and fill it up to the MAX sign.
  • Insert a coffee capsule of your choice into the appliance:
    raise the lever
  • throw capsule into the device in the right direction (note the edge)
  • push the lever back down completely.
  • Turn on by touching one of the two keys.
  • The device warms up and as soon as the indicator no longer flickers, choose a small or large cup. The amount of water is tailored to the cups at the device.

You can easily place a large cup under the spout by sliding the black plastic cup holder to the left or right.

When making the next cup, the empty capsule from the previous preparation will be automatically removed and end up in the container at the bottom of the espresso machine.

Please do not throw the empty capsules in the bin, because they are recycled.

The device switches itself off after not being used for a few minutes.

We provide daily cleaning of the device, new capsules and clean cups.

To put on the light from the fan above the bed, first turn on the light switch at the entry.  

Above the light switch you will also find the remote control of the fan. This remote control also allows you to dim or turn off the light.

ROOM 1: If the light flickers (due to power fluctuations), use the remote control of the fan and press the dimmer button for 1 second. This stops the flickering.

On chilly days/nights, the central heating is switched on from 07:00 – 23:00.

You can control the temperature with the thermostatic valves. 
Crane at 2: 18°c 
Crane at 3: 21°c

Góis has several restaurants which you can find on the website of the municipality www.cm-gois.pt/visitgois/gastronomia/restauracao/restaurantes
Our favorites nearby: Álvaro’s, Encosta da Seara, O Silvério.
Our favorites on 15 minutes drive in Vila Nova de Poaires: As Medas, A grelha, A estrela da Mó.

The roller shutters are operated with a rotating mechanism. Please pay attention to the direction of rotation:
Counterclockwise is down
Clockwise is upwards

Open the window by turning the door handle up a quarter. 

On the terrace you will find some garden chairs and a small table. In the table you will find cushions. Please put these back in the table in the evening, so that they stay dry.

Smoking is only allowed outside, not inside the rooms.

Inside the small tables on the terrace, you will find an ashtray.

In case of rain or if your room has no terrace, you can always find an ashtray at the main terrace seating area.

Be sure to let us know so we can repair it for you or the next guests.

Enjoy a takeaway meal in the room, but please not in bed.
Better yet, take advantage of the breakfast area or the outside tables to have a meal.
Need cutlery, something in the microwave? Ask us, we are happy to help you.
Finished eating? Let us know so that we can clear and clean the table(s).

If you prefer tea, let us know and we will place a kettle and tea bags of your choice in the room. 

Do not fill the kettle higher than the MAX marking on the inside. 

Put on the base and turn on the switch. An indicator light indicates that the kettle is warming up. As soon as the water reaches its boiling point, the device switches off automatically.  This device is only suitable for heating water, not food.

Just press the ON button, then OK and you will see all channels of TV and radio alphabetically.

For Netflix, you can log in with your own account.
The day you leave, we will remove the account on the TV for you.

Is available on request or present in the room.

You can easily place this by sliding it open in the guides of the roller shutters.  Once clamped between the guides, you can lower the roller shutter until it touches the window screen.  The ventilation holes in the roller shutter must remain visible.  Please do not lower it any further, the weight of the roller shutter is too heavy to be fully carried through the window screen.

Search for “Casa Carvalhal” and connect. You do not need a password.
The wifi is available in all rooms, all terraces, the living room, the swimming pool.